Annual Performance Agreement (APA) 2021

28th September, 2021   163 Views   FCBL

The Annual Performance Agreement (APA) for FY 2021 was signed between the Divisional Heads and the Unit Heads and also between the Unit Heads and their respective subordinates on 28th Sept., 2021 in presence of both the directors of Department of Corporate Business (DoCB) and Department of Corporate Services (DoCS). ...

Blessed Rainy Day

22nd September, 2021   142 Views   FCBL

The Family of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited wish you and your family "A Happy Blessed Rainy Day!". May this auspicious occasion of the blessed rainy day brings you peace, good health and happiness....

Potato exporters worry as their trucks stopped at border

21st September, 2021   122 Views   Kuensel

Customs officials in India stopped trucks carrying potatoes from Bhutan without a plant quarantine certificate (PQC), which has affected business for potato exporters and bidders in Samdrupjongkhar. Exporters said that they have not been able to export potatoes from the Samdrupjongkhar Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited ...

Annual Performance Compact(APC) Signing

25th August, 2021   415 Views   FCBL

Directors of both the departments, Department of Corporate Business(DoCB) and Department of Corporate Services(DoCS) signed an Annual Performance Compact(APC) with their respective Heads of Division on 25th Sept, 2021 for the fiscal year 2021. The APCs are expected to help each division work towards achieving the goals iden...

FCB to the rescue of Bartsham’s Quinoa growers

14th August, 2021   567 Views   BBS

Farmers in Bartsham, Trashigang, gathered with sacks of Quinoa as officials from the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) came with a truck to lift their stock. They have been desperately trying to find buyers for more than seven months now. The farmers said they could not export last year’s harvest due to the ongoing pand...


12th October, 2021   33 Views

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Kg 35 35 0.07
Kg 44 44 0.56
Kg 15 15 2.45
Kg 11.43 11.43 7.91
Kg 41 41 1.93
Kg 19 19 0.30
Kg 24 24 4.40
Kg 20 20 0.35
Kg 26 26 3.85
Kg 12 12 0.50
Kg 19 19 2.90

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Kg 16 12 2409
Kg 10 8 364
Kg 14 9 22486
Kg 12 8 2587
Kg 25.80 25.20 6826

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Kg 19.9 14.5 19347

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