FCBL promotes and supports marketing of Agricultural and Horticultural produce of the Bhutanese farmers independently or in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. More...


In order to inspect the imported goods and dispatched items, the Quality Control Division (QCD) was instituted to maintain the quality of the goods for the benefits and the wellbeing of the society. More...


FCBL operates Wholesale Distributorship of consumer goods under dealership arrangement with Principal Companies of India. More...


FCBL acts as the managing agent of Ministry of Education and WFP in supplying commodities to the beneficiaries through its distribution network to various schools and institutions within the country. More...


Traditional Day of Offering

2018-01-16 04:32:11   3 Views

On the occasion of Traditional Day of Offering, Head Office/Regional Offices of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited shall remain closed on 17th, Jan 2018..More

Annual Quotation

2018-01-12 04:18:24   22 Views

The Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited(FCBL) invites sealed bids from the interested Bhutanese suppliers based at Phuentsholing for the supply of electrical and hardware items. ..More

Auction Notice

2017-12-19 03:07:13   70 Views

The Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited announces the sale of the following items through public auction at FCBL main Auction Yard, Phuentsholing on 22nd Decemeber, 2017 at 11:00 A.M (BST)...More

Tender Notice

2017-12-19 02:46:29   90 Views

The Food Corporation of Bhutan limited invites sealed quotations from registered suppliers for the delivery of Stationary, Printing Stationary, Computer, Computer Accessories, Office Furniture and Equipment for the year 2018 ..More


 Updated on: 04-Dec-2017
Product Name Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)
Kg 1.43 1.43
Kg 12.20 2.50
Kg 22.30 12.20
Kg 22.40 6.10
Kg 5.45 1.50
Kg 23.75 6.00
Kg 10.10 4.50
Kg 21.00 16.67
Kg 14.40 14.40

 Updated on:7-Dec-2017
Product Name Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)
Kg 25.00 18.5
Kg 87.50 2.08

 Updated on: 02-Dec-2017
Product Name Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)
Kg 5.50 5.00
Kg 11.40 4.00
Kg 7.60 3.00
Kg 9.10 9.10
Kg 16.20 11.00

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Product Name Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)