The FCB was initially allotted the monthly rice quota of 1850 MT and 1700 MT wheat at subsidized rate from the Government of India from the inception till late 2002. The Stocks were lifted from the FCI Ware house of West Bengal. There was then no need for FCB to Purchase the Stocks from the open market. However,m with the change of the policy of Government of India from 2002, the quota prices were raised higher than the open market price, thus compelling FCB to endter the higly competitive open market for the procurement of food grain stocks.

Despite the discontinuation of the subsidized stocks from government of India and FCB's joining under the company act since 1992, the social functions to maintain and service the reserve stocks of 1658 MT as NFSR and 180 MT as SAARC reserve continued to remain with FCB

Purchase System

Purchase system of Food Grain and Agency are grouped separately as the ordering system is different. The selling price of the food grain commodities are ruled by the market price and hnce cary the margin accordingly. But for the agency items, the dealers margin are fixed by the respective principle companies.

Food Grain Purchases:

Food Grain commodities consists of all varieties of rice, vegetable oil, sugar, pulses and salt. The purchase proposal are submitted by the mother go-down.


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