Food Corporation and Farm Machinery Corporation Join Forces for 'Khamtey Rice' Production and Marketing

In a groundbreaking move towards agricultural collaboration, the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) and Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL) officially inked an agreement today, paving the way for a strategic partnership in the production and marketing of 'Khamtey Rice' - a unique, homegrown variety identical with Bhutanese culture in the southern foothills. Under the terms of the agreement, FMCL is poised to engage in a strategic collaboration aimed at focusing on the production processes of Khamtey Rice. Concurrently, FCBL is designated to concentrate on comprehensive marketing, encompassing both in-house promotions and export endeavors. Khamtey Rice stands out with its unique flavor and taste among the diverse rice varieties cultivated in Bhutan. Through collaborative efforts, FCBL and FMCL aim to safeguard and promote the cultivation of Khamtey Rice, recognizing it as a crucial element of Bhutan's agricultural brand. Through the integration of modern farming machinery and techniques, the collaboration seeks to boost the overall productivity of Khamtey Rice cultivation as well as marketing. Mr. Dorji Tashi, Chief Executive Officer of FCBL, conveyed his optimistic outlook regarding the partnership, articulating, "This collaboration sets a milestone in advancing locally produced goods, aligning with our social mandate to contribute to society. Through the collective efforts of FCBL and FMCL, we aim to foster the sustainable development of Bhutan's agriculture sector". Mr. Wangda Dukpa, CEO of FMCL, echoed this sentiment, stating, "Through the synergy of our endeavors with FCBL's market presence, we aspire to elevate the production and cultivation of Khamtey Rice, establishing a model for farming and production in the agricultural domain". The collaboration between FCBL and FMCL holds the promise of not only boosting agricultural productivity but also fostering a deeper connection between Bhutanese farmers and consumers. As the partners embark on this journey, both FCBL and FCCL anticipate the positive impact on its journey and the continued collaborations on similar business ventures in the future.

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